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Shipment Tracking
Track the status of your shipment from Arrival Time at WPG, to the final Delivery Time at the consignee. This information is updated in real time as we receive it from Carriers and Distributors.

For your security, we require a valid WPG Shipment ID, Member Order Reference Number/Purchase Order Number, or WPG PRO #. We also require one item of verification data. This verification data must be one of the following: Final Destination Zip Code, or your Membership Password for the WPG website. This information is required in order to protect your information. Note to Members: Please do not give out this information to your final Customer/Consignee. This system is provided for our Members' use, and on the final Shipment Status page that will appear, there are options to return to the Member Menu where your other shipments may be viewed, Membership rules and regulations, etc.

You may search for a partial reference number, but the system requires at least five characters of a reference to do the partial search.

Shipment ID/Order Reference/PRO #:
Destination Zip Code:

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