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Introduction & Historical Overview

We would like to extend a warm welcome to you, our new member. The Wisconsin Paper Group is excited about doing business with you and we are confident that this relationship will be beneficial to us both. Please take a few moments to find out about the WPG and the services provided to our membership.

The Wisconsin Paper Group was formed in 1934 when a group of paper mill executives met to discuss the mutual benefits of a shipper’s association to reduce transportation cost and improve service. In our 9th decade, WPG continues to support the transportation needs of its members with value-added services.

Currently the WPG represents over 100 different members doing business as manufacturers, processors, converters, printers or distributors in the Wisconsin and Upper Michigan area. Members tender less-than-truckload shipments to the WPG for consolidation into multi-stop or single-stop truckload deliveries direct to customers or to redistribution carriers for redelivery to customers. WPG’s transportation service area includes the 48 contiguous states, all provinces of Canada, as well as Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. Historically the commodities handled by WPG were limited to the following:  paper, packaging, shaped or extruded plastics, and paper related articles.  In 2000, however, the WPG expanded the commodity base to include fabricated metal, primary metal, lumber and wood, furniture and fixtures, non-parishable food and kindred, machinery -- nonelectrical, electrical and electronic, and transportation equipment.

It is our hope that you will find your experience in working with the WPG to be both pleasurable and profitable as we meet your shipping needs and your customer’s service requirements.



Purpose of the WPG


The purposes of the Wisconsin Paper Group are multi-faceted. As a not-for-profit corporation, the Wisconsin Paper Group seeks to promote growth and development of Wisconsin-and Upper Michigan-based industries. Its activities are intended to broaden the Wisconsin and Upper Michigan tax base, to foster infrastructure improvement within Wisconsin and Upper Michigan and to promote regional competition between Wisconsin-and Upper Michigan-based industries and other regional industries.



Wisconsin Paper Group



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