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Membership Dues


Every member of Wisconsin Paper Group, Inc. is required to remit dues annually. Invoices typically are mailed to Members the first business day after shipment through the WPG. All amounts due must be paid in full within thirty (30) days of the date of invoice. If amounts due are not paid within thirty (30) days of the date of invoice, a 1.5% penalty per month will be assessed. In the event that the Wisconsin Paper Group commences any action or effort to collect any balance owing, the member shall be liable to the Wisconsin Paper Group for all costs of collection, including but not limited to reasonable attorneys’ fees. 

Member Charge Description
$0 in 2007 Member Joining Fee (one time charge for continuous membership) 50% discount applies for new members qualifying as a Service Corporation Solicited Member – See Membership Classification Section.
$0 in 2007 Member Annual Dues Charge (one billing location with one or more shipping locations)
$0 in 2007 Member Annual Dues Charge (billing charge for members requiring invoices charged and mailed to each separate shipping location – 1 site is charged $0 & each site beyond 1 is charged $0 per site)



Confidential Information


All information relating to the amount or nature of shipments of any member and all information relating to the Wisconsin Paper Group’s organizational and operating procedures and financial agreements is highly confidential. Every member of the Wisconsin Paper Group must observe strict confidentiality on all of these matters. No matters relating to the confidential operations of members shall not be open to inspection by a member.



Antitrust Policy


It is the undeviating policy of the Wisconsin Paper Group to comply strictly with the letter and spirit of all federal and state antitrust laws.  Any activities of the Wisconsin Paper Group or its members which violate these laws or regulations are detrimental to the interests of the Wisconsin Paper Group and are unequivocally contrary to Wisconsin Paper Group’s policy.

As an aid to antitrust compliance, all meetings of the Wisconsin Paper Group, including meetings among members of the Wisconsin Paper Group, must be conducted pursuant to an agenda distributed in advance and all discussion shall be limited to agenda items.  Additionally, members should avoid completely any discussion of the following subjects regarding individual companies or members:

1.      Prices, including discounts, premiums and pricing methods;

2.      Other terms of sale, including credit terms and warranties;

3.      The allocation of territories or customers;

4.      Production levels; and

5.      Any other discussion which in any way could be construed as tending to violate federal or state antitrust laws.



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